Microsoft Officially Unveils their New Chromium Based Edge Browser

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Microsoft Officially Unveils their New Chromium Based Edge Browser

On the 15th of January 2020, Microsoft officially released their long awaited Chromium based Edge Browser. This new Browser will include many of the benefits of Google’s Chrome browser but Microsoft will also add a few neat features of their own.

Currently the stable version of Edge that is available to download, is missing a few key features of Chrome. These include such features as history and Extension Sync. But Microsoft has reassured its customers that these will be rolled out in the coming year.

Microsoft has announced plans to release an ARM64 Edition of Chromium Edge in the near future. This will allow its users to sync all their browsing information between any device they own.

Microsoft plans to automatically update Windows 10 users with this new version of Edge. Which will fully replace the existing built-in browser.

Microsoft is determined to differentiate their browser from Chrome by adding a few special features. Edge will include Features such as Collections. This will allow Edge users to collate images and content from the web. It will also feature a browser wide tracking prevention solution.

Home users, especially those who user their PC’s for media consumption, will be happy to hear that the new Edge will include support for Dolby ATMOS Dolby Vision and 4K Netflix Playback.

Microsoft is banking on enterprise users switching to get access to features like Internet Explorer mode. Internet Explorer Mode lets businesses load legacy Internet Explorer sites within Edge automatically.

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