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Mayhem – Next gen security vulnerability detection

A white hat hacker is an ethical computer hacker who searches for security vulnerabilities. Their job plays a vital role in protecting your data from cyber-criminals, protecting your Bank information from their view.

But soon these so called white hat hackers may be out of a job themselves.
Called Mayhem, the machine is a water-cooled computing behemoth that can detect, exploit, and fix software weaknesses automatically. The machine utilises specially coded software that scour’s the internet for security weak-points, determining what the issue is and how to patch it.

With everything going online, software companies are having to work even harder to ensure their products aren’t vulnerable. Having an automated system like this would significantly reduce the pressure on product manufacturers.

This is a huge leap forward in network security. Soon these internet crim’s will find themselves being locked out before they even attempt an attack.

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February 19th, 2019|