Spilt water – Oh No! I just spilt water on my PC! What can I do?

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Spilt water – Oh No! I just spilt water on my PC! What can I do?

First: Shut down your device immediately, you don’t want any power running through the device with even a little bit of liquid in it.

Second: Disconnect any power source, including wall power and any batteries. If your device doesn’t have a removable battery, ensure that the device has been shutdown completely. 

Third: Open the device up to allow airflow to the internal components, allowing the device to dry out.

  • If you have a desktop PC, you will want to undo the thumb screws at the rear of the PC and remove the side panels of your computer tower.
  • If you have a laptop, you will have to remove the screws on the rear of the laptop and remove the back plate to allow air to circulate to the internal components.
  • If you have a mobile device such as a tablet or mobile phone, it is unlikely that you will be able to access the internal components. To dry out any moisture in the device, fill a zip-lock back that will fit your device with rice to about I third of the way up. Now you will need to let this sit for a couple of days to allow the rice to absorb any moisture.

Fourth: If possible, remove any storage devices from the machine such as USB drive, SD cards and if possible the hard drive. This will increase the change of recovering your data even if the device is dead.

Fifth: Wipe down the device and remove any liquid you can get to. This will help speed up the drying time and increase your device’s chance of survival.

Finally: You want to get as much airflow to the device as you can, to dry out and evaporate any liquid on the device, so set the device and any components down in a place with lots of airflow.

Once you have competed these steps you may attempt to turn on the device once again.

January 10th, 2019|