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Get Your Info Back With Data Recovery in Brisbane

In the world of expanding data needs, documents spreadsheets and other electronic materials are often your greatest assets. In the event of physical damage or virus infestations, these files are at extreme risk for being stolen, deleted or otherwise corrupted. At Techbug Computer Consultants we offer a host of services to help you both recover your lost information and prevent future accidents

Benefits of Data Recovery in Brisbane

Don’t risk losing what’s important to you.

  • Salvage data from broken devices: Whether you spilled milk on it, experience glitches, or don’t know what happened, your highest priority is likely saving all the documents you treasure. We can perform hardware salvaging and possibly repair to return as many documents to you as possible.
  • Recover from virus attacks: Some malware is designed to break your firewall and steal your data, which is especially common for mid to large-sized companies. If your system has been attacked it may feel like the end of the world, but we can help minimise the damage by recovering information from your hacked servers. It may be possible to do this remotely depending on the type of damage inflicted.
  • Opens doors for more storage: If you’ve experienced data loss, it may be time to look at external secure storage options. When you back up your data, it makes recovering it much easier.

More Services We Provide Related to Web Optimisation in Brisbane

We don’t stop at data recovery and optimisation. Our experience allows us to help you with a variety of IT services your company needs.

  • Web hosting services: For your website to be visited, you need your information to be stored and maintained. We offer simple and affordable web hosting in Brisbane to get you started today. With domain purchasing options, we help you find the best available .com .net or .org for your new company or personal website.
  • Virus removal and cleansing: Infecting software can be challenging to remove. Even if you apply fixes and the system seems to have returned to normal, it’s possible that that the problem is embedded deeper and is still working away at your defences. We excel at removing spyware in Brisbane and will help recommend better software and measures to guard against future attacks.
  • IT consulting: No matter what size business you have, you need electronic support. We offer consulting services to help you figure out exactly how much you need, and what you can do without – we’ll tailor a package exclusively for you and provide support when you need it.

Why Trust Techbug Computer Consultants

We’ve been supplying Brisbane with repairs, web hosting and data services since 2014 and continue to light the way for the future of IT services. Since we don’t have a storefront, we can offer remote services for software repair and recovery. We can also visit you in person for dedicated consulting or hardware repair. Contact us to get started and bring your company into the future.