Trend Micro Partner – Next Generation Security


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At TechBug, we pride ourselves on quality common-sense, real-world solutions with down-to-earth prices to match our friendly, professional attitude. So we are excited to announce our new partnership with Trend Micro, resulting in an enhanced security offering.

Trend Micro, pioneers in cyber security, together with TechBug, provide the ideal foundation for an effective cyber security offering for email.

Cloud App Security for O365 delivers maximum protection—it enhances the security of Office 365 and other cloud services by leveraging sandbox malware analysis for ransomware, BEC, and other advanced threats. The security included with Office 365 filters known antivirus threats, but 90% of today’s malware will only infect one device and is unknown to traditional antivirus techniques.

Call us now to see how Cloud App Security, lets us prevent, detect, and respond to the changing threat landscape.