Top 3 Video Conferencing app’s for people who care about security

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Top 3 Video Conferencing app’s for people who care about security

With COVID-19 Taking a firm hold of the world and its economy, the only way that we will be able to get through this the ability to work through the crisis. That means being able to keep people working productively from home, being able to communicate freely with with work colleagues via video and messaging. This is no easy task.

Many businesses were simply not prepared for how quickly this virus would affect the work environment. Many companies have resorted to using a quick, cheap and dirty solution to get them through the crisis. But really, that’s not the way to go about it. Think of COVID-19 as a nudge for companies to move towards an ever increasing online work environment. The solutions the should implement to take into consideration many factors such as easy of us, price, compatibility and of course security. But often some or all of these factors can be pushed aside in favor of a quick and cheap setup.

Techbug has here compiled a list of Video Conferencing Solutions that take into consideration all of those important factors.

First – Microsoft’s Teams

Simple, Clean and Easy to use! Microsoft Teams is a great product that allows all in your company to collaborate on projects. It has a variety of tools that allow it to integrate into your existing Microsoft environment, and the fact that it is included for free with office 365 is just an added bonus. Teams is only available when purchased with Microsoft Office 365

Teams starts from $17.20 per user per month which includes office 365.

Second – Google Hangouts Meet

Googles offering Is a clean and well know solution that has been around for a little while now. It Integrates well with Android and your google account. And a an added bonus, Google is throwing in a Free upgrade to Hangout’s Meet advanced to all G-Suite customers.

Google Hangouts meet is included with Google’s G-Suite which starts from $8.40 per user per month

Third – Cisco Webex Video Conference

Cisco is often thought of as the Big Daddy when it comes to Business and enterprise solutions. They have the experience to back up their claims and this shines through with regards to their Video Conferencing Solution Webex. It is a very robust solution, that’s scale-able and yet easy to use.

Webex Business starts from $18.95 for small teams with a limit of 100 people per meeting.

UPDATE: Webex also has a free version that has recently been updated to allow up to 100 people per meeting and also has no meeting limit.

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April 7th, 2020|