5 super useful keyboard shortcuts

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5 super useful keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts are a PC users best friend. They allow quick access to functions that would otherwise take a while to complete. Here are just a few that will boost you efficiency when using your PC.

  • Want to quickly find something on a web-page or document? Press CTRL + F to bring up a search bar.
  • You can select multiple items at once. If the times are all adjacent you can simply Shift + Click the first one, hold down the shift key and then click the last one. If you want to select two or more non-adjacent items at the same time, you need to hold down CTRL and select all the items.
  • Want to select all of the content in a given window? press CTRL + A and you can select everything in one stroke.
  • Want to quickly lock your PC? All you need to do is hit Windows Key + L.
  • Have too many windows open and you want to quickly access your desktop. Hit CTRL + D to minimise all open windows

Hopefully these time saving shortcuts can make your life a little easier.

January 21st, 2019|