Google Creates a competitor to Apple’s AirDrop

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Google Creates a competitor to Apple’s AirDrop

Google is working on a competitor to Apple’s AirDrop! After it’s initial release all the way back in 2011. Google has finally caught on and will soon be introducing a competitor to AirDrop. Dubbed Fast Share, It was reportedly supposed to have launched with Android 10 but never made it into the official release.

This new universal sharing solution will provide another compelling reason for current iPhone die hard’s to make the switch to an android device. It is reportedly because of the inter-compatibility and universal usability, that makes people purchase Apple Products.

Google is yet to officially announce the feature, but it has reportedly been in the works for a long time. We should hear more about it later in the year at the annual Google I/O. This is where the company usually unveils such features. 

Google hopes that their new Fast Share will draw some people away from the Apple Ecosystem.

Why do we keep giving Apple our money? Oh yeah, the Apple ecosystem.

Armando Ferreira

Google is closing in fast on the Apple Ecosystem that draw many to the IOS lifestyle. With Google’s Messages app, Google assistant and now Fast Share. There is very little on the IOS platform that doesn’t have a doppelganger on the Android platform.

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January 14th, 2020|