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Microsoft to Delay End of Support for older versions of Windows 10 due to COVID-19.

Good old Microsoft has kindly been thinking of its poor customers affected by the COVID-19 lock-down. Kindly, they are giving their customers an additional six months of support for Older, End-of-life versions of Windows 10. Microsoft said in a statement to their customer base: “Microsoft has been deeply engaged with customers around the world who [...]

April 15th, 2020|

Microsoft to add Mac like “cloud download” to the Windows 10 installation

Microsoft has taken a leaf out of Apple's Mac division. Providing details about an upcoming feature that has the potential to change the way Windows is installed. For years, .Apple users have had the ability to download MacOS directly to their machine when completing a system rebuild or factory restore. There are many benefits to [...]

August 13th, 2019|

Windows 10 Updates: A seriously misinformed mess

In early April, Microsoft confirmed that they would be improving the Windows 10 Upgrade experience in the near future. In a recent blog post, Microsoft confirmed that they were working on "Improving the Windows 10 update experience with control, quality and transparency." But now that the details are flowing in, it is not what hundreds [...]

June 3rd, 2019|

Chromium based browsers slowed down by Windows 10’s latest Security update

Microsoft's latest security update is causing major headaches for users of chromium based browsers. The update, deigned to improve security, has slowed chromium based browsers such as Chrome and Vivaldi, to a halt. Developers from Vivaldi noticed the issue while running performance test suites designed to ensure optimum performance and battery life. "We immediately noticed [...]

June 3rd, 2019|

Windows 7 – The end of the Road

In just one year from today, Microsoft will official stop supporting their most loved OS, Windows 7. Starting Jan. 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7, meaning no more updates or security fixes. Microsoft's push towards Windows 10 only certified 7's death. Windows 7 will always hold a special place in Geek's hearts [...]

January 15th, 2019|

Stop Automatic Restart Win 10 after installing Updates

The most annoying feature of Windows 10, the automatic reboots after a Windows Update. You are in the middle of your work and that popup comes up again, “You should really install updates right now”. Eventually, you can’t postpone it anymore and Windows will just reboot. Your tried creating a GPO, disabled the update services [...]

January 11th, 2019|

Windows 10 -1803-1809 invalidates some local Administrator accounts

Microsoft users upgrading from Windows 10 version 1803 to version 1809 may see their built-in local Administrator account disabled, according to a recent Microsoft blog post. The problem appears to occur when the Administrator account is valid, and when there are other accounts that also have Administrator privileges, the post noted. Microsoft said that it is [...]

January 7th, 2019|