Windows 10 Updates: A seriously misinformed mess

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Windows 10 Updates: A seriously misinformed mess

In early April, Microsoft confirmed that they would be improving the Windows 10 Upgrade experience in the near future. In a recent blog post, Microsoft confirmed that they were working on “Improving the Windows 10 update experience with control, quality and transparency.”

But now that the details are flowing in, it is not what hundreds of millions of users will have expected. The Reality is actually far more complicated than initially thought. And the hardest hit are Windows 10 Home users.

The new rules for windows 10 Home users

  1. No automatic delaying of updates, this must be done manually
  2. Updates can only be paused for a maximum of 35 days.
  3. Users need to manually delay the updates each week.
  4. Microsoft’s new ‘end-of-service’ dates mean that once that dates is hit, the next updates will be installed automatically.

With the recent increase of faulty Windows 10 updates. Some of which have some very serious consequences. Some issues including permanently deleting user data, Crippling gaming performance, broken app updates and just recently extremely slow Chromium browsers.

To contract this Microsoft needs to get their act together and allow its users to automatically delay windows updates for as long as they wish.

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June 3rd, 2019|