5G could be the death of Cable internet

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5G could be the death of Cable internet

5G has been spoken about a lot in recent times, with many touting it as the NBN killer.

With all the trouble the NBN has faced over installation issues and delays, slower than expected speeds and the multiple different types of technology being used, many have already turned their backs on the technology in favour of good old coax. The burial for the NBN had all but been confirmed, and now that times drawn even closer, with some analysts stating the 5G cellular networks could be the final nail in the coffin.

Now don’t get me wrong, fast cable internet will always play an important role for certain users, but for most people it might be more viable to may a bit more on their monthly phone plan for a large data plan than to pay for an additional home internet service.

With the role out of 5G beginning late last year and with services from Telstra set to be turned on some time next year, we will have to wait and see if 5G can live up to the hype of being the NBN killer.

January 23rd, 2019|